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About Us

Mission Statement


Valuing People, Inspiring Dreams, Achieving Goals


To support, serve and advocate for people with developmental disabilities and their families to ensure they are valued, respected and have the opportunity to fully participate in their communities.

Core Values

Commitment to the People We Support: EMARC is committed to provide superior support services for people with a variety of abilities. We advocate and promote recognition and inclusion of the people we support.

Programs and Services: We seek creative and innovative ways to provide an extensive variety of supports and services that are sensitive to the needs of the people and families we support.

Self-Determination: We recognize the importance of self-determination and we advocate strongly for the right of people to make choices about their own lives.

Professional Development: We are committed to the on-going training and education of our employees in order to facilitate skills development and professional advancement, and to best meet the needs of the people we support.

Community Partnerships & Stakeholders: We are dedicated to building and maintaining strong, effective teams by engaging families, community partners and other stakeholders, and by valuing their contributions.

High Standards of Compliance: We recognize our responsibility, as a not-for-profit organization, to maintain the highest standards of regulatory compliance and fiduciary transparency. We will meet, and indeed strive to exceed, those responsibilities.

Environment: We are committed to providing a safe, inviting, accessible, comfortable and secure environment in which people can live, work, learn and play. This philosophy extends across all physical and programmatic environments.