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Our Services

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Since 1954 EMARC has been committed to supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in order to build a better life in the community of their choice. The agency proudly offers a spectrum of residential supports, day services, advocacy and family supports.

As a proud partner of the MA Department of Developmental Services we exited to share in their mission: “To create, in partnership with others, innovative and genuine opportunities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to participate fully and meaningfully in, and contribute to, their communities as valued members.

This shared commitment is put into practice through our core values which are based on valuing people, inspiring dreams, and achieving goals!

Our service portfolio includes individual, family, and group supports in the areas of Residential Services, Employment Services, Day Habilitation, Advocacy, Information and Referral, Social and Therapeutic Recreation, Transportation, and In-Home Family/Parenting Supports. We have also developed and continue to facilitate an on-going series of support groups for parents, adult siblings, teen siblings, and pre-teen siblings of individuals with Developmental Disabilities.

Please explore these service options further to learn more about what we offer those exceptional individuals we so proudly serve and support.